Showman Couture ™ Leather Dog Collars w/Crystal Rhinestones

  • $18.00

Showman Couture  Leather dog collars with crystal rhinestones. This collar features large clear crystal rhinestones on faux leather. Buckle is embellished with crystal rhinestones. Nickle plated dog tag D-ring with crystal embellished dog bone charm. 

                          XSmall     5" to 8-1/2" 
                          Small       7-1/4" to 10-1/2"
                          Medium    9-1/2" to 12-1/2"
                          Large       11" to 14-1/2"  
                          XLarge      13" to 16-1/2"

Showman Couture ™ Leather leash with crystal rhinestones. This leash features large clear crystal rhinestones and silver beaded edges and a swivel clip. Slip on wrist loop and swivel clip. Measures 4.5ft.